ZUPAN d.o.o., Celestrina 3, 2229 Malečnik, Slovenia
ZUPAN d.o.o., Celestrina 3, 2229 Malečnik, Slovenia
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Return of goods

Important information about the return of the goods:

  • If you return items to the seller (ZUPAN d.o.o.), you must enclose a withdrawal form. Include a copy of your receipt as well.
  • You can personally return the items to ZUPAN d.o.o., Celestrina 3, 2229 Malečnik, Slovenia
  • We recommend that you use a delivery service that allows you to track the item. Prepare the items appropriately for transport (use appropriate secure packaging).
  • The shipping costs are always at the sender's expense, unless otherwise agreed in advance. We do not accept delivery with cash on delivery.
  • If you claim your warranty, you will receive the part repaired faster if you enter warranty claim directly to manufacturer or an authorized service centre, which is stated on the enclosed warranty card.
  • The goods must be returned in undamaged original packaging with all relevant documents that the buyer received together with the product (instructions, warranty, etc.)

Goods cannot be returned if:

  • the goods were specially ordered at the buyer's request
  • the goods were prepared - counted or weighed at the customer's request and no pre-packaged quantities were purchased. In this case, a refund is possible only by agreement with the seller - the customer will be charged for the costs incurred by the seller by re-counting, weighing and packing the returned goods.

The customer will be refunded to his bank account only the amount paid, after deducting bank and transport costs.

Refund for the companies

If you want to have an invoice for a company with UID number, you accept terms and conditions that apply to businesses. We allow companies, sole traders and others with UID numbers to return items only under warranty conditions. Companies do not have the option to withdraw from the contract or repay the purchase price within 14 days, as is the case with consumers (private persons).

Treatment of damaged objects (damages)

If you find that the package or item that has been physically damaged, has no content, or shows signs of opening upon receipt of the package, you should immediately notify the person who delivered the package so that you can then file a settlement procedure with the DPD.

If the package has been delivered to you by DPD and you find that the package or item is damaged, has no content, or shows signs of opening, you can file a claim for compensation. The damage must be reported within 7 calendar days after receipt of the package at marketing@zupan.si or by phone at +386 2 471 60 50. When reporting the damage, we also need photos of the package, (inner) packaging, damaged item, DPD sticker and description of the damage.