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Vesco - professional battery shears X18.V

Electric pruning shears VESCO X18V for compact and easy cutting in the vine yard.

- Pruning shears weight 690 g, length 270 mm, ultralight and durable housing made of carbon-filled nylon, a small handle with a diameter of 36 to 39 mm.
- Compact, powerful and lightweight brushless motor with 18,000 rpm
- The hot forged chrome vanadium steel cutting head offers a unique cutting performance with a cutting diameter of up to 30 mm.
- The Xylan 1010 Blade improves pruner’s efficiency by 20%
- Progressive cutting with soft switch for mechanical adjustment, two different positions of the blade opening
- Quick and easy lubrication of rotating parts
- Ultra-light lithium-ion battery Lite-Pro155 with 155 Wh and a weight of only 890 g.
- Separate and independent control for autonomy
- Spare parts available at very reasonable prices

Warranty 12 months from the date of purchase.
Standard accessories include a practical belt and a textile strap (adjustable according to the operator) with a practical clamp for attaching the battery and sheath.

The VESCO X18V pruning shears are suitable for pruning of all kinds of plants. Especially recommended for wine yards.

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