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Helmet for spraying K80S T9

Recommended for pesticides spraying in the open and in the greenhouses, for grain handling, cleaning and disinfecting stables and pens, and any other work where respiratory system needs to be protected effectively.

Helmet with T9R blower unit with rechargeable built-in batteries, 1 combined filter and accessories.

Power: the respirator is powered by means of the 12V tractor battery.
T9R built-in battery charging: from the tractor even while blower unit running, or from the mains with battery charger (not included).

The K80S series of respirators work by means of slight over pressure which is created inside the helmet by a flow of filtered air. A battery powered blower unit draws air through filters and sends it through a breathing tube to the inside of the helmet.
Blower unit, filters and battery are worn at waist.

PROTECTION: Respirators with helmets are the only power assisted devices which can protect the head, face, eyes, ears and respiratory system against particles and gases. Inspired filtered air is sent by a blower unit through a breathing tube to the inside of the helmet creating a slight overpressure. The continuous flow of air prevents visor misting and reduces breathing strain.

COMFORT: The respirator is easy to don and use also by inexperienced workers. Lightweight and of simple design, it is comfortable to wear even in harsh working conditions.

LIFE: The use of carefully selected first choice raw materials guarantee a product average life expectancy of over ten years.

HELMETS: The inner headband, adjustable from 53 to 63 cm, blocks the helmet round the forehead allowing for excellent visibility when the worker turns his head. Ultraviolet sun rays are repelled by the white color of the helmet.


– one helmet,
– one blower unit,
– one battery charger,
– one A2P3 filter,
– one belt,
– one breathing tube,
– one electric cord,
– one cigarette lighter dash socket.

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